Friday, September 25, 2009

Metabo Power Master Series 18V Cordless Tools

Metabo Corporation, a leading international manufacturer of professional grade portable electric power tools and abrasives for industrial, construction and welding applications, has launched its 18 V PowerMaster Lithium Ion cordless power tools line with the new, rugged BS18 LTX drill/driver. These tools are now available at

As the cornerstone of Metabo's new PowerMaster series, the compact and lightweight BS18 LTX combines all the performance and capacity advantages of Lithium Ion with Metabo's long history of advanced tool ergonomics to form a uniquely durable power tool that outperforms most models in its class.

Metabo's new BS18 LTX is ideal for virtually all users working in rugged industrial and commercial applications as well as those working in the field where tool reliability and longevity is paramount. This includes electricians, contractors, remodelers, cable installers and HVAC technicians.

The cordless BS18 LTX drill/driver features Metabo's unique hex spindle technology that allows the user to remove the chuck and drive screws with the 1/4" hexagon recessed spindle. This gives the operator added versatility to use the cordless tool in tight or cramped spaces, such as maneuvering around joists or in assembly operations.

The cordless tool's 18 V, 2.6 AH Li-Power Extreme battery charges faster and lasts longer for optimum performance. Metabo's proven air-cooled charging technology cools the battery pack during charging to shorten the charging process by up to 30%, diminishing tool down-time and boosting useable tool life per charge.

Metabo's revolutionary new charging concept, Electronic Single Cell Protection (ESCP), allows for longer battery service life by electronically monitoring individual cells while in use and during charging to prevent damage. In fact, Metabo's industry-leading XXL three-year warranty covers its tools, and unconditionally covers batteries and chargers for 3 years.

Metabo's BS18 LTX drill/driver features a new dual range torque adjustment giving the user the ability to set the torque to either 13 inch-lbs through 31 inch-lbs or 31 inch-lbs through 114 inch-lbs. Maximum continuous running torque is 372 inch-lbs (soft case) and up to 850 inch-lbs for momentary maximum spikes (hard case) in the event of extreme resistance. The improved cordless drill/driver offers a no-load speed of 0 rpm to 400 rpm in first gear and 0 rpm to 1,400 rpm in second gear.

The lightweight and compact power tool weighs only 4.4 lbs, measures only 8.5 inches and uses an aluminum die cast gear housing, while its four-pole motor provides extremely high performance with an increased power to size ratio. Metabo's exclusive Variospeed full-wave electronic speed control incorporated into the new BS18 allows the operator to easily vary the speed from the lowest to maximum value. The drill/driver is equipped with a 1/2" chuck, offers a drilling capacity of 1/2" in mild steel and 2" in wood and features a built-in LED light for easier visibility in dark spaces.

For the full line of Metabo Power Master Tools visit us at

Monday, September 21, 2009

Victor Journeyman 0384-2009 Welding and Cutting Torch Set

Weldfabulous handles the complete line of Victor Equipment torches including the #0384-2009 Journeyman kit. The Journeyman kit is the top of line kit Victor offers. It is the most dependable and made for heavy use. Here are the items included in the 0384-2009 Jourenyman Kit:

Oxygen regulator # CSR450D with CGA 540 connection
Acetylene regulator # CSR460 with CGA 510 connection
Victor genuine handle # H315FC with built in flashback arrestors & check valves
Victor genuine cutting attachment # CA2460 with 90 degree head angle
# 1 Cutting Tip
(3) Welding nozzles (#1, #3, #5)
# 2 Cutting tipFREE (Cuts up to 1-1/2")
Heating nozzle (8-MFA)
Spark lighter
25' Grade T hose 1/4"
Stainless panel toolbox
Tip Cleaner
Steel gauge guards

This kit is designed for heavy duty use for many years of use.

Warranty: 5 years on handle and attachment. 3 Years on regulators
Cuts up to 3/4" (6" with optional tips)
Welds up to 1/2" (1-1/4" with optional tips)

You can purchase this kit at Victor Journeyman # 0384-2009

Weldfabulous also sells the tanks that can be used with the Journeyman torch kit:
125 oxygen full
125 oxygen empty
#3 acetylene empty

Thursday, September 17, 2009

SteelMax Metal Working Tools

Weldfabulous has the full line of SteelMax metal working tools available. From cutting to drilling the Steelmax line of saws, magnetic drills, and accessories provide a quality tool and a economical price.

SteelMax metal cutting saws can save you time, money, and effort compared to others saws. The metal cutting saws cut through steel in seconds and your cut will be cool to the touch. You can cut through 4" x 5/16" mild steel in less than 6 seconds and cut through 2" rebar in 2 seconds. No milling or de-burring required with near surgical dry cut technology.

The SteelMax portable magnetic drills will maintain its rigidity and accuracy throughout the life of your drill. The SteelMax rail system eliminates the need to adjust or maintain traditional gibs. In addition to saving on maintenance, cutter life is increased by reducing movement at the cutter tips. The SteelMax m2AL cutters Last longer, saving you money every day you use the magnetic drill.

The m2AL Annular Cutters feature characteristics that provide the wear characteristics of cobalt with the cost advantage of high-speed steel. The m2AL annular cutter bits have a composition that has an increase in the percentage of both carbon and approximately 1% aluminum. With the increase in carbon and aluminum, the hardness after heat treat can reach HRC68 (Rockwell), with the HRC68 at the tip and reducing to 55HRC on the shank prevents breakage at the highest stress point while improving tip integrity and performance.

If you are looking for performance metal working equipment at a great value, Steelmax metal working tools are the tools for you.

You can purchase the full line of SteelMax metal cutting equipment at

Milwaukee 6370-21 New 8" Metal Cutting Saw & Case

Weldfabulous has the Milwaukee Electric #6370-21 Metall cutting saw and kit available for purchase. This metal cutting saw works exceptionally well and is a great tool in your shop.
Milwaukee's 8 in. Metal Cutting Circular Saw delivers faster, cooler, cleaner, more affordable metal cutting. Forget the showers of hot metal chips and sparks that were once an aerial threat on metal construction jobsites. The 6370 shears the metal, producing a virtually spark-free wake and cool, burr and scorch-free edges that don't require post-cut finishing. Cool cut waste, in the form of metal shavings, is effectively contained with a durable magnesium blade shield and channeled into the saw's integral ChipTank. Cool cutting also means that materials can be handled almost immediately following a cut, reducing downtime.
Driven by a powerful, 13 amp (1-3/4 max HP), 3,700 RPM motor and equipped with a full grill of razor-sharp, cermet-tip teeth, the 6370 tears through tough cuts without hesitation. Count on up to 10 gauge sheets and 1/4 in. steel plate cuts, all day, every day. More extreme cuts, even up to 3/4 in. steel plate, are possible when proper operating techniques are used.
Any way you slice it, cold cutting metal means value. Internal test results indicate that our new metal cutting blades last a minimum of 25 times a standard abrasive wheel. Specially-formulated cermet tip metallurgy and tooth geometry ensure these incredible blades cut faster, stay sharp longer, and resist more impacts. Translation? A significantly lower cost per cut ($0.20 versus $0.60), not to mention the savings associated with 1 versus 25 blade changes.
To keep on target, the new 6370 features a set of on-board sight-line and blade point-of-entry indicators along with a slot in the saw's shoe for a rip fence. It is also the first and only corded metal cutting saw to feature a lower guard retraction lever. Plunge cuts, a frequent challenge for metal roofing contractors, are fast and furious with this exciting new tool. The lever's location, adjacent to the side handle, ensures that the user has both hands firmly on the saw throughout the cut.
Beyond its capacity to cut solid, thicker gauge materials, the 6370, with a 2-9/16 in. cut-depth, screams through most corrugated metal roofing and decking sheets, structural, shape, grating and framing materials in one-pass. Insufficient cut depth means material must be flipped over and re-cut, usually a two-man operation.
To ensure a smooth ride, the new 6370 is equipped with a set of serious comfort features. The tool's rear and side handles feature soft, tactile gripping surfaces and are designed to comfortably fit any user's hands. The side handle is canted forward to reduce wrist strain as well as wrapped completely to the motor housing, offering maximum comfort and control in any cutting orientation.
Down-time is lost time so we've added valuable, time-saving features to the 6370. Removing the blade shield to discard cut waste or change blades is effortless with our exclusive, quick-release shield buckle. The remaining saw controls are conveniently located to ensure fast, effortless operation before, during and after the cut.

Dry-cut technology provides faster, cleaner, more affordable metal cutting
Durable blade shield with integral chiptank deflects/collects hot chips and sparks
Plunge lever for fast, effective plunge cuts
Exclusive quick-release shield latch for fast waste disposal and blade changes
2-9/16 in. cut depth for one-pass cuts through most common materials
Powerful 13.0 amp, 3,700 rpm motor
Premium cermet-tipped blades cut faster, cleaner, and longer than other carbide-tipped or friction blades


Voltage: 120 AC
Amps: 13.0
Blade Size: 8 in.
No Load Speed: 3,700 RPM
Spindle: 5/8 in.
Cord Type: 15 ft. Fixed
Construction Type: Grounded
Metal/Wood Cutting Metal
Electric Brake: No
Spindle Lock: Yes
Soft Grip Handle: Yes
Adjustable Handle: No
Blade Position: Right
Depth of Cut at 90°: 2-9/16 in.
Depth of Cut at 45°: --
Depth of Cut at 50°: --
Length: 16-1/2 in.
Tool Weight: 13.3 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 21.8 lbs.


50 Tooth Blade: #48-40-4520

42 Tooth Blade: #48-40-4515

You can purchase the Milwaukee 6370-21 metal cutting saw with case at

Milwaukee 2590-20 M12 Radio

Weldfabulous now has in stock the Milwaukee Electric #2590-20 M12 radio. This radio has just been released and is a great addition to the already popular M12 lineup. At only 10-1/2” and 3.5 lbs, the new M12™ Radio is up to 10 times smaller than existing job site radios. With the introduction of the first digital processor in the category, it also delivers the highest reception and signal clarity in the industry. In addition, the M12™ Radio features premium weatherproof aluminum speakers that produce a rich, full sound and a built in weather sealed MP3 compartment to protect MP3 players and other audio devices connected to the docking portal. Backed by legendary Milwaukee durability, a shock absorbing ABS polymer and steel construction protects internal components from weather and abusive job site conditions.
Exclusive digital processor
Premium weatherproof aluminum speakers
Weather sealed MP3 compartment
Shock absorbing ABS polymer housing
Ultraslim size
Powered by M12™ LITHIUM-ION battery packs or AC adaptor

Voltage 12V
Digital Signal Processor Yes
Digital Display Yes
Custom EQ Yes
Backlit LCD Yes
Clock Yes
Presets 10
Battery M12 LITHIUM-ION Battery Pack
Dimensions 10.5'' x 4'' x 7''
Weight 3.5 lbs
Battery: 48-11-2401 M12 Battery
Battery Charger: 48-59-2401
AC/DC Wall and Vehicle Charger: 2510-20
This is a great compact radio and Weldfabuous is proud to sell the #2590-20 Radio.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Milwaukee 2492-22 M12 3/8" Drill / Radio Combo Kit

Weldfabulous now has the Milwaukee 2492-22 M12 Radio and Drill combo kit. This is another great tool that Milwaukee Electric has introduced. The radio is very compact and here are some of the features:

Radio #2590-20:
At only 10-1/2” and 3.5 lbs, the new M12™ Radio is up to 10 times smaller than existing job site radios. With the introduction of the first digital processor in the category, it also delivers the highest reception and signal clarity in the industry. In addition, the M12™ Radio features premium weatherproof aluminum speakers that produce a rich, full sound and a built in weather sealed MP3 compartment to protect MP3 players and other audio devices connected to the docking portal. Backed by legendary Milwaukee durability, a shock absorbing ABS polymer and steel construction protects internal components from weather and abusive job site conditions.

Drill # 2410-20:
The M12™ Cordless 3/8" drill driver delivers 250 in-lbs of torque in a compact light weight design. The only tool in its class with an all metal locking chuck, the 2410-22 (2410-20) drills and fastens up to 35% faster than the competition. The on board fuel gauge displays remaining run-time, while a built in L.E.D. illuminates work surface.

Here is a nice accessory for this drill: #48-32-1500 38 Piece QUIK-LOK Drill/Drive Set.

Pricing: Add item to cart for best price!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Steelmax D-2 Portable Magnetic Drill

Weldfabulous is proud to carry the Steelmax portable magnetic dril model #D-2. The D2 drill weighs in at 37 LBS and operates on standard 110 voltage. Here are some features of this drill:

  • Powerful, Portable Drill that cuts through mild steel from 7/16” up to 2-1/16”. Diameter, with 2” Depth of cut and weighing only 37 lbs.
  • Unique low maintenance rail system reduces cutter run out and breakage without adjustments.
  • Dual speed for cutting a variety of hole sizes as small as 1/16” up to 2 – 1/16”. Uses adjustable chuck for twist drill bits up to ½”.
  • Versatile, Light weight, and powerful, the D2’s unique design allows for easy maintenance and repairs in the field, keeping it in service far longer than competitors with gib system designs.

Here are the specs of the Steelmax D2 drill:

  • Height: 18"
  • Width: 8"
  • Length: 10-1/2"
  • Motor: 1.5 HP 1080W single phase 115V/180/360 RPM (load)
  • Arbor Base: 3/4"
  • Drill point breakaway: 1111 LBS on 1" Plate
  • Magnet daed lift: 2653 LBS on 1" Plate
  • Cutter diameter (max): 2-1/16"
  • Depth of Cut (max): 2"
  • C/L pilot to mag face: 1-3/4"
  • C/L pilot to motor face: 1-5/8"
  • Max. twist drill diameter: 7/8" @ 6" max length.

Popular accessories:

  • 5 Piece cutter set 1" Depth: SMRC021
  • 5 Piece cutter set 2" Depth: SMRC022
  • 11 Piece cutter set 1" Depth: SMRC041
  • 11 Piece cutter set 2" Depth: SMRC042
  • 1/2" chuck for standard drill bits: SM2MTJ

Weldfabulous has this item available for sale at D-2 Drill.